The greatest expectation a person can have coming into any church service is that of being in the Presence of God. It’s more than a feeling or a temporary high. It is the intimate interaction between God and mankind. The central purpose of our coming together is to be in the presence of God and to bless His Name. Our central desire is to walk in His presence every moment of our lives.

If you have never had the opportunity to be in a Spirit-filled service before, you may not know what to expect. The Bible has a lot to say about our worship and there are several principles and actions that were practiced by the early church and are outlined in the Word of God for us to follow. In coming to our service, guests will soon discover that the biblical actions and expressions of worship are still practiced today in a relevant, moving manner. Here are some examples of our worship practice:

We pray together aloud
(Acts 4:24)

We lift our hands in praise
(Psalm 134:2)

We sing with all our hearts
(Psalm 98:4)

We play musical instruments
(II Samuel 6:5)

We clap and shout unto God
(Psalm 47:1)

We testify publicly
(Psalm 22:22)

We anoint with oil for divine healing
(James 5:14)

We allow the operation of the spiritual gifts
(I Corinthians 14:2)

We would love to see you in service and it would be an honor to worship with you. Please feel free and welcome to join us as we praise God together and worship Him in Spirit and in truth!


Sunday Worship Service
Sundays, 12:30 p.m.

Wednesday Night Bible Study
Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m.



We hope you decide to come visit and worship with us in person! Spirit & Truth is located at 653 Garton Rd, Bridgeton, NJ 08302. Here are directions to our church from Atlantic City, NJ, from Philadelphia, PA, and from Wilmington, DE:

From Atlantic City

1. Start out going northwest on S MLK Blvd toward Atlantic Ave.

2. Take the 1st left onto Atlantic Ave.

3. In less than a mile, turn right onto N Arkansas Ave.

4. In less than a mile, N Arkansas Ave becomes Atlantic City Expy.

5. In 11 miles, take Exit 12 toward US-40/Mays Landing.

6. In 1 mile, turn left onto Wrangleboro Rd/County Hwy-575.

7. In a half mile turn right onto Black Horse Pike/US-40 W/US-322 W.

8. In another half mile, keep right at the fork to go on Black Horse Pike.

9. Black Horse Pike becomes US-40 W.

10. In 4 miles, stay straight to go onto River Dr/County Hwy-617.

11. In half a mile, take the 1st left onto Harding Hwy/US-40 W/NJ-50.

12. In 12 miles, turn left onto Cedar Ave/County Hwy-540.

13. In 7 miles, stay straight to go onto E Landis Ave.

14. In 9 miles, turn left onto Garton Rd/County Hwy-686.

15. The Church will be on the right, shortly after turning onto Garton Road.

From Philadelphia, PA

1. Start out going east on Chestnut St toward S Broad St/PA-611.

2. Take the 1st left onto Avenue of the Arts/PA-611.

3. Then, take the 1st right onto S Penn Sq/PA-611.

4. Then, turn left onto John F Kennedy Blvd/PA-611.

5. Take the 1st right onto N Broad St/PA-611.

6. Merge onto I-676 E/US-30 E.

7. In half a mile, take the exit toward I-676 E/Ben Franklin Br/US-30 E.

8. In half a mile, merge onto N 6th St/I-676 E/US-30 E.

9. Merge onto I-676 E via the ramp on the left toward Ben Franklin Bridge.

10. In 5 miles, merge onto I-76 E via the exit on the left.

11. In 2 miles, stay straight to go onto NJ-42 S.

12. In 2 miles, merge onto NJ-55 S via Exit 13 toward Vineland/Glassboro.

13. In 28 miles, take the NJ-56 exit, Exit 32A-B, toward Rosenhayn/Vineland.

14. Merge onto W Landis Ave/NJ-56 W via EXIT 32B toward Rosenhayn.

15. In 5 miles, turn left onto Garton Rd/County Hwy-686.

16. The Church will be on the right, shortly after turning onto Garton Road.

From Wilmington, DE

1. Merge onto I-95 South

2. Take Exit toward Delaware Memorial Bridge

3. Merge onto I-295 N

4. In 4.5 miles, keep left at the fork to continue on US-40 E

5. Take the US-40 exit and continue onto US-40 E/Wiley Road

6. In 8 miles, continue straight onto Bailey Street

7. In 1 mile, turn right onto South Main Street

8. Follow South Main Street for half a mile onto Yorketown Road

9. Follow Yorketown Road for 3 miles onto Watsons Mill Road

10. In 2 miles, turn left onto Alloway Aldine Rd / Country Hwy 611

11. In 2 miles, turn right onto Daretown-Bridgeton Rd

12. In less than a mile, turn right onto NJ-77 South

13. In 6 miles, turn left onto Finley Road

14. Slight left onto NJ-56 East

15. In one mile, turn right onto Garton Rd.

16. The Church will be on the right, shortly after turning onto Garton Road.